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Travel info

Travel Information

Dumela is situated in a malaria low risk area. The occurrence of malaria cases is very low, due tho the fact that the accommodation is situated near to the beach, experiencing a light breeze from the ocean most of the time, and that there are no swamps nearby. However, minor precautions are advised. The use of mosquito repellents and nets are recommended throughout the year.

Dumela villa has mosquito nets. As part of the Anti Malaria programme of the National Department of Health, all buildings in Cumbini Resorts, including Dumela villa are sprayed with insecticide. We would advise you to consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure of the precautions you need to take.

At the border
Passing the border does not have to be a hassle if you prepare yourself well for it. South African residents do not need a visa, overseas tourists do need one. They can get a visa at the border (also at the airport in Inhambane) but it is advisable to get it beforehand at the Mozambican embassy.

Take with

  • Vehicle registration documents (original or certified copy)
  • A letter of authority from the owner if the driver of a vehicle is not the registered owner
  • A letter and certified copy of registration documents from the bank, if the vehicle is on hire purchase
  • Registration documents of trailer (where applicable)
  • Passports and ID documents
  • Documentation at the border
  • Pay border duties (about R17 per person)
  • Temporary Import Permit for your car
  • Take out temporary third party insurance (valid for 30 days)

Safety on the road
The road via Nelspruit and Maputo is a good and safe road to travel. Improvements to the road surface are constantly in process. Except for the last 18 km being dirt road, the whole route is tarred road. Always wear safety belts and do not exceed the speed limits of 100km/h on the open road, and 60 km/h in built-up areas. Speed traps are present especially in the cities and small towns. Traffic Police normally don’t hassle tourists, but will stop and fine you if traffic regulations are ignored. Keep vehicle papers and drivers licence at hand for inspection.

Stop over half way
Take your time and make the trip part of your holiday. Fully catered overnight facilities are available. Popular facilities are: Blue Anchor and Casa Lisa which are both located 45km north of Maputo and Honey Pot located approximately 185km from Maputo, near Xai-Xai.

To take with you
Make sure that you have in your vehicle:

  • Vehicle documentation received at the border and vehicle registration papers.
  • Drivers licence and Passport.
  • Two triangles plus a reflector vest for night time emergencies (Police do enquire about this)
  • Important: If a boat or trailer is towed, a blue and yellow triangle sticker (available at most outdoor and 4×4 accessory outlets in South Africa) must be stuck onto the front of your car and on the rear of the trailer.
  • The standard vehicle emergency equipment including a tyre pressure gauge.

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