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Just a footstep away, it is an hour drive, you will find the city of the “Terra de boa gente” or  the city of Inhambane in the bay of Inhambane. Inhambane is a harbourcity.

In the morning you can see the dhows coming in from the other side of the bay, Maxixe, with the merchandise that people will sell in the streets or at the Mercado Central. Here you find a variosity of vegetables, fruits, prawns, fish and herbs, but also all kind of woodcraft etc etc. 

The 170 year old “Catedral da noissa Senhora da Conceicao”is located in the old town. Here you can climb an old ladder that leads to the top of the churchspire, overlooking the city and the harbour. 

Closeby there is a small museum, where you can find the history of Inhambane.

If you want to explore a little more…Just book a dhow trip to visit Pansy island. You will feel like Rubinson Crusoe. At the island you can go for a snorkelswim and have some amazing fishviews in clear water or find yourself the famous Pansyshells. Let the captain tell you the story about the Pansy. You can extend the journey with a visit to the ilha dos Porcos. Here you can see how the people of mozambique live, have some local cuisine lunch, which is fresh and delicious and enjoy a boattrip back to Inhambane.